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Paint protection film (PPF) can keep your vehicle looking factory fresh mile after mile. Often called a “clear bra”, PPF installs to the body exterior protecting the vehicle’s surface from road debris, weathering and other wear and tear. Plus, the film has advanced flexibility, hugging tightly to curves and contours, offering easy installation and leaving no visual trace. RennWerks is proud to offer 3M Clear Bra, XPel, and SunTek Paint Protection Film installation to vehicle owners in San Jose and the rest of the South Bay Area.

Mercedes-Benz-SLR Getting PPF

Mercedes SLR Getting Custom Bulk Clear Bra Applied

What is Clear Bra?

Clear Bra or Paint Protection Film ( a.k.a. PPF ) is an advanced polymer thermoplastic clear urethane film. It is applied to painted, glass, or smooth polymer surfaces (such as headlights) on vehicles to protect against rock chips, scratches, and paint oxidation.

Will the Clear Bra damage my paint?

The Paint Protection film will not damage the original manufacturer paint on your car.


It is important to note that the paint application process in the vehicle manufacturer factory is different from that at an auto collision or autobody shop.  Any aftermarket paintwork due to an accident or vehicle restoration may lift if the PPF is removed. It should be noted by the car’s owner prior to installation. A written guarantee must come from the body shop that performed the paint work prior to installation.

Why choose UV Protection Film or Paint Protection Film without UV inhibitors?

Whether or not to choose Paint Protection Film with Ultraviolet Light (UV) inhibitors is a decision that must be made by the buyer. UV inhibitors will protect your car’s paint from fading. If you choose a partial clear bra installation, the paint that is not wrapped (covered) will fade. When the Paint Protection Film is removed, you will clearly see a difference in paint color versus where the clear bra used to be. We recommend using UV protection film when the decision is made to wrap the entire vehicle.

Pre-Made or Pre-Cut PPF Kits vs. Bulk Film

Depending upon the vehicle, pre-made Paint Protection Film (PPF) kits are generally easier to install and therefore less expensive than applying bulk film. The disadvantages are that pre-made kits don’t allow for complete coverage around edges of body panels.  Pre-made kits stop about and 1/8″ or 1/4″ inch ( about 3-5 millimeters) short of the the body panel’s leading edge. For the discerning individual, this may be undesirable as the PPF edge can be slightly noticeable.


Using bulk PPF film will provide complete coverage and insure that entire body panel is covered around the edges and leave very few PPF edges. Applying bulk PPF film requires and entirely different skill set. It takes a seasoned craftsman to properly cut clean lines without damage to your vehicle and with as few relief cuts as possible around corners. The application of bulk film is a careful and tedious process that requires extreme attention to detail and therefore it is more labor intensive.

When should I replace the PPF?

The top-of-the-line PPF from 3M , SunTek, and Xpel come with a 5 to 10 Year Warranty. This also depends on how well you maintain your vehicle exterior, whether or not it mostly garage, and the amount of abuse it receives from the environment and parking. We recommend that the bumpers, hood, and roof get replaced every 3 – 5 years.

Should I Clear Bra My Leased Vehicle?

Yes, we recommend installing Paint Protection Film on a leased vehicle. Dealerships will charge for anything they consider to be damage that devalues the resale value of the car. Paint damage from rock chips and scratches are considered when returning the car at the end of the lease term.

Ferrari F360 Getting Clear Bra or PPF Applied
Ferrari F360 Getting Clear Bra Applied
Ferrari F360 After Clear Bra or PPF Applied

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