Causes of High Oil Consumption in Your Mercedes

27 May Causes of High Oil Consumption in Your Mercedes

Causes of High Oil Consumption in Your Mercedes

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Causes of high oil consumption in your Mercedes  and other high-end cars is common. If you have noticed that your Mercedes-Benz has been consuming more oil than usual, you are not alone. While cars generally consume more oil as their mileage increases, high oil consumption is a condition that has been increasingly found among newer, lower mileage vehicles, including luxury Japanese from Lexus and European makes like Mercedes. Lighter weight pistons with shorter skirts, higher compression ratios, and forced induction ( Turbocharging ) are engineering compromises that result in better performance at the sacrifice of unavoidable increases in oil consumption.  Here are some possible causes of high oil consumption in your Mercedes-Benz and other high performance vehicles.

Low Quality Oil
High oil consumption can be attributed to the use of low quality oil. When choosing motor oil for your Mercedes, it is important to choose a brand that is high in lubricating metals like phosphorous and zinc. These metals are also referred to as ZDDP anti-wear additive. In recent years, drivers have increasingly been steered towards oils with greatly reduced ZDDP anti-wear additive levels on the grounds that high ZDDP anti-wear additive levels can cause catalytic convertor damage. The problem is that these oils simply do not sufficiently lubricate your engine’s moving parts, potentially leading to serious repair issues down the road. The EPA and C.A.R.B. have forced the oil producers to make most of their off-the-shelf oils safer for catalytic converters at the sacrifice of engine longevity. They want you to buy a new car before the catalytic converter fails. In terms of cost, a catalytic converter that fails slightly early is thousands of dollars cheaper to replace than an engine rebuild. Most of the oils on the shelf at the auto parts stores, including top name brands, do not have enough ZDDP.  Ask the folks at RennWerks for specific oil recommendations.

Cheap Oil Filters
If you drive a European vehicle, it is important to use an oil filter that is able to fulfill your engine’s unique oil needs. For a Mercedes-Benz, for example, you should make sure to use OEM oil filters from Mahle, Mann, or Bosch. Failing to use the right filter can either starve your engine’s moving parts of oil or lead to excessive consumption, both of which can increase oil consumption while decreasing fuel efficiency and performance. We recommend that you check your oil level every thousand miles or every other time you fill up at the gas station.

If you notice that your Mercedes is consuming more oil than usual, consult with a mechanic who specializes in European vehicles as soon as possible. Your European luxury vehicle has unique needs that require specialized knowledge and products to optimize performance. To consult with a mechanic who specializes in Mercedes-Benz repairs, contact Sprint Motorsports of San Jose by calling (408) 831-3730 or email us at

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