Brake Squeal, Squeaky Brakes Mercedes

21 Oct Brake Squeal, Squeaky Brakes Mercedes

Brake Squeal, Squeaky Brakes, Brake Squeaking Mercedes

We commonly get requests to solve vehicle owner’s squeaky brake issues. Brake Squeal, Squeaky Brakes, Or Brake Squeaking on your Mercedes car,  SUV, or truck has some common causes. The first question we ask is where the vehicle owner parks his/her car. Brake discs or brake rotors and brake pads are manufactured with varying amounts of ferrous material. When a car is parked outside in the driveway or on a street near a lawn or garden it will get misted by nearby sprinklers. Material made of iron rusts quickly and it’s common for the Benz owner to experience brake squeal in the morning.

In California, especially in the South Bay, Silicon Valley, and San Jose Area, we experience two dew points during the night. The first occurs in the late evening when the fog rolls in and the second, during the early morning when the sun rises and the fog begins to burn off; meaning the squeaking brakes on your Mercedes Benz could have moisture and minor surface rust in the morning.

For some MBZ owners, brake squeal is as painful a noise as finger nails scraping a chalk board. We encourage you to park your car in a garage, if possible. If you must park your vehicle outdoors, we suggest Wheel Tire Covers (Wheel Maskers) to alleviate squeaky brakes. Autobody paint shops use them all time to protect the car’s wheels and tires from paint overspray. The good and fast ones for easy installation have a half moon wire frame with heavy fabric attached. They install in seconds and will protect your brakes from sprinkler mist and the Northern California Dew.  The generic ones commonly found on eBay and Amazon do not have the wire support and can be arduous to install. Contact Sprint Motorsports if you would like to purchase a set of quality wheel and tire covers that are quick and easy to install.

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