Regular Maintenance tips for Mercedes

31 May Regular Maintenance tips for Mercedes

Common Mercedes Maintenance Tips

With such long service intervals on new Mercedes Benz vehicles, periodic checks are more important than ever for proper maintenance. It may seem counter intuitive, but with these cars going as long as 15 thousand miles between services, (that’s over 1 year!) How do we find the “little” problem before it becomes a larger expensive one.

Who is giving you Mercedes maintenance tips for your Mercedes-Benz?

The days of the service station attendant “checking under the hood” are gone, who is going to do it now?

Here are some quick checks you can do to help catch issues before they escalate.

1: Tire pressure: This basic check increase you gas mileage, tire wear, and help prevent you from getting that flat tire. While you’re there look over the tire and see if it is wearing evenly.

2: Check your oil level: All new Mercedes will allow you to do this through the instrument cluster, no more getting dirty. All models are a little different check your owner manual or come in and we can show you. The factory maintenance intervals are too long.  The 15k mile service intervals are the minimum the dealer requires to get the car through the warranty period with minimal failure and the car will often have a major failure after the warranty has expired. If you plan on keeping your car for a long time, then these cars should have an oil change at every 5000 miles.

3: Wash your car: It may sounds silly but washing the inside and out will not only keep you Mercedes looking nice but it also help keep the paint from being damaged, the leather from cracking, the carpet from staining and rust from developing. Washing your car will also alert you to any loose or damaged body parts as well as excessive exhaust emissions or oil leaks.

4: Check under the hood: a quick visual inspection with a flash light can allow you catch a small issue before it balloons and indicate needed maintenance. What to look for; Does everything look like it is in place? Are there any cracks in the hoses or belts? Are any hoses swelling or ballooning at their  connections? Does anything appear to be wet? All the fluids levels ok?

5: Check and change filters: Your Mercedes Benz has filters for the engine air as well as the air in the cabin. The filters fill with dirt and debris causing them to clog. This adversely affects the engine fuel mileage as well as the AC systems ability to cool you off in the summer.

6: Have your car serviced by a professional who uses quality parts. You invested in your Mercedes Benz; take care of it and it will take care of you.

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