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07 Jun Weistec Engineering at Sprint Motorsports

Weistec – Engineering Mercedes & Mclaren Performance Modifications

Weistec Engineering is an industry leader in Mercedes, Mclaren, and Pagini performance research, development, and design. They also offer products for BMW

Sprint Motorsports features Weistec Performance products, upgrades, and installation.

Based in Orange County, CA, Weistec aims to provide you the highest quality power and suspension upgrades made uniquely for your Mercedes-Benz, Mclaren, and Pagini. Specializing in only Mercedes and Mclaren for years has given Weistec the experience and expertise needed to engineer the best products available, while their dedication to vigorous testing and creation of brilliant, elegant designs showcase their strong passion for the Mercedes Benz and Mclaren community.

At Sprint Motorsports we love that the technology and reliability of Weistec products is founded on a complex, integrated production process, from intensive research and development to progressive experimental casting and machining. Specializing in computer aided design, and vehicle calibration, Weistec has the ability to manufacture quality products that are able to withstand even the most rigorous testing.

Weistec offers a wide variety of Mercedes performance enhancements, from full Power Packages to independent component upgrades. They aim to be a leader in progressive performance modifications by focusing research and design around the vision of tomorrow’s advanced automobile.


Power Packages


Weistec power packages are an efficient and effective solution for those looking for improved power output and performance. With various combinations of ECU Upgrades, High Flow Air Filters, ROW Airboxes, Racing Sparkplugs, True Downpipes, VTA Adapter Systems and more, the resultant tailor engineered packages can give your Mercedes well balanced, increased horsepower and torque, improved throttle response, an eliminated top speed limiter, improved airflow, and a free flowing exhaust with an aggressive note. Weistec offers packages ranging from basic power extraction  to advanced motor transformation, with packages W.1, W.2, and W.3.


Wisetec SLS 825 supercharger system

Supercharger and Turbo Systems


Weistec engineered supercharger systems for your Mercedes CLK 63, SLS 750, and SLS 825 will bring your car to the pinnacle of speed and performance with 637 (560 ft-lb torque), 750 (654 ft-lb torque), and 825 (661 ft-lb torque) horses respectively. Numerous turbo upgrades, advanced belt and pulley systems, heat shields, anti surge valves, and stages of upgrades for your preexisting turbo or supercharger have been created to meet your power extraction needs.


Mercedes AMG GT on Wisetec adjustable coilovers

Upgraded Suspension


Weistec adjustable billet aluminum coilovers for your AMG GT / GTS or SLS and Adjustable Suspension System for the W205 C63 and C63-S  allow for a wide range of adjustment in ride height, while still being able to maintain proper alignment without the need for special parts or tools.  Perfected spring rates were determined after extensive street and track testing as well as vehicle weight measurement and balancing.  The result is noticeably sharper and more responsive handling characteristics without compromising every day driveability.



Wisetec M157 Turbo Upgrade

M157 W.4 Package


The M157 W.4 Power package for the CLS63, E63, G63, ML63, S/CL63, S63, and SL63 is the world’s leading Mercedes performance upgrade package. At the core of the M157 W.4 Package is the M157 W.4 Turbo Upgrade.  Taking a giant leap ahead of all other available upgrades, the M157 W.4 Turbochargers completely replace the factory units.  They are ball bearing, featuring CNC machined billet aluminum compressor wheels capable of flowing 65lb/min. New airboxes and intake tubes are needed to fuel the massive turbo. The Weistec Turbo-Folds provide significantly increased flow of exhaust gasses. The Weistec M157 True Downpipes perfectly mate up to the M157 W.4 Turbochargers to ensure minimal restriction once the exhaust gasses have gone through the turbine. The resulting 1000+ crank horsepower is made possible at 20 psi of boost, without an iced down inter cooler system, and while using basic 91 octane gas.



Sprint Motorsports is Your Local Weistec Dealer and Installation Experts!

 Sprint Motorsports and it’s parent company RennWerks has cultivated expertise in top quality Mercedes mechanical work over decades of efficient, detail-oriented upgraded performance installations and services. We specialize in the advanced tooling and machine work necessary to fulfill intricate mechanical tasks. Sprint Motorsports is a Weistec certified auto performance shop. Order through Sprint Motorsports and have your products delivered for immediate installation.

For additional product information, contact Sprint Motorsports


At Sprint Motorsports, we take pride in caring for our customers, and are invigorated by the opportunity to provide competent and comprehensive automotive repair services. We are the leading repair, service,  upgrade, and tuning facility for Mercedes Benz and Mclaren vehicles in San Jose and the surrounding areas. We provide you personalized, detailed, and friendly service. Our relationships are customers are built on trust, communication, integrity, and commitment to our purpose; to be the best auto repair and performance shop we can be.

To schedule an appointment for performance upgrades on your Mercedes Benz and Mclaren or routine vehicle maintenance and Mercedes repair, please contact service@sprint-motorsports.com or 408-831-3730. We welcome you to stop by our shop at 2099 S 10th St  Unit 40 in San Jose, Ca. If you have any questions about your car’s performance or maintenance, feel free to ask our staff for assistance.

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Weistec Engineering at Sprint Motorsports

Weistec Engineering is an industry leader in Mercedes performance research, development, and design. Rennwerks Performance features Weistec Performance products, upgrades, and installation....

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