Coolant is Leaking Inspection Service & Diagnosis

Coolant leak Inspection Service

Coolant is Leaking Inspection Service & Diagnosis

SPRINT MOTORSPORTS Auto Repair: Coolant Leak Inspection Service & Diagnosis

You may see fluid leaking on the ground, see steam from engine compartment, or smell an odd sweet like smell.  You may notice that your car seems to be overheating. At this point, you need a mechanic to inspect and pressure test your cooling system to determine the source of the coolant leak.


What are common reasons for coolant leaks to happen?


As your car ages, metal parts within the cooling system slowly corrode or deteriorate internally, especially if your car’s cooling system isn’t flushed and replaced with new coolant on a regular basis.  Modern cars also use a lot of plastic and rubber parts which naturally deteriorate from age. Most of those parts start to show signs of failure after 5 years of age. Common failures are as follows:


  • Perforated radiator tank or core.
  • Bad radiator hoses and/or defective heater hoses.
  • Bad Water Pump: Coolant can leak from the water pump housing or past its sealed bearing and shaft assembly where it is driven by the engine or on some modern cars, driven electrically. Water pumps that are driven by engine timing belts can be costly to repair.
  • Failed or faulty radiator cap: The radiator cap is responsible for helping maintain proper cooling system pressure and a high boiling point. Its function is similar to a pressure cooker. As the radiator cap ages, the relief valve inside of it can start to fail. This can allow coolant to escape or allow the coolant in the cooling system to reach its boiling point at a lower temperature. When the coolant boils, the cooling system is no longer able to circulate the coolant and the car overheats.


What are the Common Symptoms that Indicate you may need to have your engine cooling system inspected for coolant leaks?


  • Coolant Leaking (Depending on the car, it can be red, orange, green, pink, purple or blue)
  • Car is overheating. Water Temperature Gauge is higher than normal.
  • Warning indicators in dash.
  • Low Coolant Light
  • Steam from engine compartment.
  • You are smelling an odd sweet like smell


How Important is a Coolant Leaking Inspection Service & Diagnosis?

If you suspect or think you have coolant leaking it is best to have your car immediately inspected by a mechanic. We recommend that your stop driving the car and have it immediately towed to a repair shop. Your car’s engine cooling system is integral to the proper functioning, health, and reliability of your engine. In a simple explanation, your car’s cooling system circulates coolant throughout the engine to absorb heat and then sends it to the radiator where it is cooled by a fan. Modern engines are very sensitive to overheating. Poor circulation of coolant can result in expensive repairs such as blown head gaskets, cracked cylinder heads, or complete engine seizure.


General Repair or Service Procedure:


A professional and certified mechanic should pressure test the cooling system to check for leaks. He or she will need to check the car from the top as well as the bottom. It is best to have a shop elevate the car on a lift and remove the belly pan covers to expose the lower parts of the engine compartment. The car computer systems should also be scanned for cooling system related codes and time stamp data should be retrieved for information on what happened during the initial occurrence of failure.


Other Cooling System Issues that might be related and require additional labor charges to inspect:


If a coolant leak is not spotted, or the only leak may have been from the cooling system reservoir or radiator cap, this maybe a sign of an internal failure of the cooling system. Possible failures or combination of failures could be a failing thermostat, bad cooling fan or electric cooling fan not operating when desired, internal water pump failure, and/or bad head gasket or cracked cylinder head. All of the items will require additional labor and charges beyond a basic cooling system leak inspection to thoroughly diagnose.


Preventative Cooling System Maintenance Recommendations: 


Have your coolant flushed with new coolant every 4 years or 40,000 miles. This will insure proper ph balance of the coolant and prevent internal corrosion of components and extend their life.

Coolant leak inspection - Typical Car Cooling System with radiator, water pump, and thermostat
Typical Car Cooling System and typical coolant leak areas

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