Porsche Service & Maintenance

Porsche Service & Maintenance

Porsche Service and Maintenance

Porsche’s need regular maintenance and service to keep them healthy and enjoyable. Owning top marque cars such as a Porsche, provide a sense of pride and delight from driving and routine checks and Oil changes keep them performing with excellence. There are many models of Porsche such as the 911, 964, 968, 993, 996, Boxster, Cayenne and Cayman, not forgetting Targa, Speedster, Turbo,  and Carrera versions. They all have style, status and sheer horsepower.

Whether you use your Porsche for work, play or both, it is important to maintain regular Porsche servicing to ensure your high performance car is at its optimum level of performance as well as safety. By their very nature, high performance sports cars, need to be maintained fully and be looked after because they are driven harsher and faster than other makes and models of car. Most Porsche owners are devoted to their Porsche motors and look after them so that they remain in pristine condition.

It is also important to remember that sports car drivers will also drive their cars differently. Some drivers are heavy on the brakes, some may be heavy handed on steering and nearly all Porsche drivers will also like to put their foot down when driving their car. So having a regular Porsche service is really important to ensure tyres, brakes, clutches, drive shafts and suspension are all working and in good order to optimize the car’s performance and speed.

Many people view Porsches as expensive cars, and expensive to run and maintain. But this isn’t necessarily the case. For newer cars or water cooled generations such as the 986, 987, 996 and 997 models that are manufactured post-1998, a Porsche oil change should be every 6000 miles or once a year at minimum. During the service, routine checks of the suspension, brakes, filters, and fluids should be performed. More elaborate services only needs to be carried out every two years or 20,000 miles, which ever comes first. All water cooled Porsche cars prior to 2007 should have special checks done for potential IMS bear failures (Intermediate Shaft Bearings). The oil should be drained into a clean container during an oil change to check for metal flakes. The oil filter should be cut open its corrugated paper media expanded to check for metal contamination. This takes extra time to perform by the shop and technician staff.  Because of the need to perform preventative checks for IMS bearing failure and prevent the customer from having to experience costly engine replacement, professional Porsche repair shops will often justly charge a little more for oil and filter change to cover the added expense. The rear main seal area should also be checked for oil leakage.

If you have an older Porsche model that is pre-1998, then there will be different Porsche servicing intervals according to the make, model and age of your car. Oil -cooled Porsche’s should have their oil changed more frequently. We recommend every 3 – 5000 miles. So make sure that you are aware of when your Porsche needs a full or interim service to pre-empt any mechanical problems that may arise. If you are doing a lot of mileage, especially if you use your Porsche for business mileage, then you will need to have a Porsche service more regularly, and also consider having an interim service that will check overall brakes, spark plugs, water, oil, filters and fluids between your full service. This also will help to maintain your car’s optimum level of performance and quality.

Ensure that only original parts are used in your Porsche service, so go to a solid, reputable garage that have Porsche trained technicians. Try to look for one that has been in business for a while and has a solid background of Porsche experience. You don’t want to have your beautiful Porsche car serviced by a mechanic who doesn’t know the ins and outs of a Porsche engine and by a garage that uses cheaper parts. This could prove dangerous, costly and will invalidate any warranty that you have.

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