Old Dirty Oil Quickly Damages Your European Car’s Engine

Old Dirty Oil Quickly Damages Your European Car’s Engine

How Old, Dirty, and Low-Quality Oil Quickly Damages Your European Car Engine

Old, Dirty, and Low-Quality Oil can quickly make a meal of your european car’s engine and damage it beyond suitable repair. Engine oil performs the essential function of keeping your European car’s engine sufficiently cooled and lubricated. Experts suggest that a car’s engine should have an oil change every 5000 miles or once a year, which ever occurs first. Synthetic oil should be used and the oil changes should exceed the factory minimum recommendations. Here’s what happens to a European car’s engine if you don’t get regular oil changes:

The Oil’s Lubricating Agents Will Wear Out Whether you have conventional engine oil or synthetic oil, the oil’s additives will eventually wear out. These additives, which include detergents and dispersants, perform the important function of eliminating rust, reducing friction, and cleaning the engine.

The Oil Will Get Dirty and Contaminate the Engine If you keep up with regular engine oil filter replacement every 5,000 miles for your European car, the filter will remove a great deal of debris and dirt that accumulates in the engine oil. But if you don’t keep up with oil changes, the filter will not be able to keep up with the amount of debris in the oil and will eventually clog. When this happens, the dirty oil will begin to contaminate the engine, which drastically reduces engine life.

The Oil Will Seize Up Your Engine After a few thousand miles past the recommended changing point, dirty oil will turn into sludge. And when sludge circulates through a European car’s engine, the engine will experience excessive heat and friction. With the added stress of dirt, contaminants, heat, and friction, the engine will seize up completely.

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