Wheel Bearings Service and Repair

Wheel Bearing Replacement Diagram

Wheel Bearings Service and Repair

Wheel Bearings Replacement

What are Wheel Bearings?

Wheel Bearings  allow the wheels on your car to stay connected to the suspension and rotate freely. Cars and trucks have wheel bearings for each wheel on the car. The term, Wheel Bearing, refers to bearings that are on the non-driven wheels of the car. Wheels that are driven by the car’s transmission via axles are correctly referred to as axle bearings. However, in the automotive industry axle bearing are often referred to as wheel bearings.


There are basically two types of wheel Bearings:

  1. Older cars and trucks generally have bearing assemblies that can be individually serviced and re-packed with grease.
  2. Most modern vehicles have “sealed” bearing assemblies that are not serviceable and must be replaced as one unit when failed.


What are Common Symptoms Indicate that you may need to replace your Wheel Bearings?


  • Grinding, Squealing, or abnormal noise that seem to be coming from tires when driving.
  • Noise that eminates from the outside wheels during a turn.
  • Steering wheel vibration or shake.
  • Wheel that resists rotation if bearing seizes or locks up.


How Important is a Wheel Bearing Service or Repair


As the wheel bearings wear or become damaged it will start to prevent the wheels from turning freely. Surrounding components may heat up due to the excess friction caused by a wheel bearing failure. Your vehicle may exhibit a pull to one side. Your car may have shaky steering and be difficult to control. In the worst case scenarios, if the wheel bearing seizes and brakes, you can literally loose a wheel and place yourself and other drivers in a dangerous situation.


General Wheel Bearing Repair or Service Procedure:


  • Verify faulty components.
  • Inspect Suspension, Brakes, Tires, and Steering components for wear and damage.
  • Remove wheel and brake assemblies.
  • Disconnect suspension arms necessary for access.
  • Remove and replace wheel bearing
  • Re-assemble and torque wheel bearings, fasteners, and wheels to factory specifications.
  • Test Drive the Car or Truck.


Additional parts and labor that may be needed:


Wheel bearings can be replaced individually, although it is standard practice to replace them in pairs ( i.e. Both front wheel bearings or both rear wheel bearings). The scope and complexity of the labor involved can change drastically if the wheel bearing is on a non-driven wheel versus a driven wheel. If a wheel bearing replacement is delayed by the car owner until it is near the point of complete failure, then there is a good chance that the tire and nearby suspension, steering, and brake components may have incurred damage.

Suspension components such as control arms or links may have to be disconnected to allow for wheel bearing removal. In such cases, a wheel alignment should be performed immediately after completion of repairs.


Preventative Maintenance Wheel Bearing Recommendations:

Serviceable wheel bearings should be inspected and re-greased every 30,000 miles. All wheel bearings including Sealed wheel bearings should be inspected at every brake service and minor and major vehicle services.

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