Mercedes-Benz AC System Maintenance- Stay Cool This Summer

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Mercedes-Benz AC System Maintenance- Stay Cool This Summer

Mercedes-Benz A/C System Maintenance: Stay Cool This Summer

It’s that time of year again to get the A/C System on your Mercedes-Benz checked. The hot weather is here and summer is just around the corner. The searing summer heat can become dangerous to you and your Mercedes-Benz, therefore keeping cool and the air conditioner in check is a necessity.


If you feel like your A/C System isn’t operating up to par, have it checked out before it’s too late and it shuts down, leaving you in a sweaty mess.


Your Mercedes-Benz mechanic should visually examine to see if any A/C system parts are broken or missing, as well as check the temperature, its filter (receiver-drier unit) and test the system operating pressure. “Knowledge is power.” When you take your luxury Mercedes-Benz to a credible Independent Mercedes repair shop, here are some of the other basic things that your Mercedes technician should inspect to keep your A/C System functioning properly.


Evaporator, condenser & compressor: These A/C system components should be checked for leakage and cleaned. They are prone to corrosion over time. Protect them by having them serviced annually with a qualified Mercedes-Benz mechanic.


Hoses, valves & pumps: All of these need to be properly lubricated. Your trusted Mercedes-Benz service center should inject a specific amount and type of oil into your AC System.


Refrigerant level: All cars built since 1996 have R-134a refrigerant. It should checked for proper operational pressure and added or replaced. If your A/C System is not blowing air that is at least 25 degrees colder than the outside air  cool, then you may have a refrigerant leak or mechanical issue with A/C System. Have a Mercedes-Benz repair facility check this out for you.


Radiator: The air flow around the radiator should be inspected, as well as the radiator cap and reservoir, for cracks.


Noises: Sounds of squealing may be a belt and buzzing may be an overcharged system. Knocking or clicking can be a sign of loose bolts or mechanical failure of the AC compressor  or its clutch. Any reputable Mercedes-Benz service shop will be able to correctly identify the problem and fix it.

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