SPRINT MOTORSPORTS Auto Service: Mercedes Benz Flexible Service System

SPRINT MOTORSPORTS Auto Service: Mercedes Benz Flexible Service System

SPRINT MOTORSPORTS Auto Service: The Mercedes Benz Flexible Service System (FSS)

The Mercedes Benz Flexible Service System (FSS) attempts to determine service schedule that is based on your individual driving style. Your modern Mercedes and its computer systems in have gotten smart. Mercedes is at the forefront of innovation. The computers in your Mercedes share and compile data in an effort to determine your driving habits and the demands placed upon it. Your car will then determine when your next service is due and display ‘Next Service Due’ in the multifunction display within the instrument cluster. This display indicates the days or distances remaining to the next suggested maintenance. Once the suggested service due has been exceeded, a ‘wrench symbol’, plus the message “exceeded by” appears when the ignition key is on.


Every model of Mercedes has a basic pre-determined service list, which defines the service required for a particular mileage and time limit. It is important to note that the basic service schedule that is programmed into your Mercedes Benz, is the bare minimum to get your car through the Mercedes warranty period. The basic schedule reminds you of services between in a range of 10,000 – 14,000 miles. This is much too long of a time in between oil changes. We recommend shorter intervals based on many years of experience and seeing these cars as they surpass a 100,000 miles of usage. At Sprint Motorsports, if your wish to keep your Mercedes healthy for longer than 4 years, we offer a recommended service schedule. Mercedes also provides settings that we can change to advance the service system to a more maintenance friendly flexible service system that will give your car a longer useful life. If you are interested please ask us about it at your next visit.


FYI: Mercedes primarily uses alternating Service A (small service) and Service B (large Service) list that may vary somewhat by age and mileage. If the FSS determines that the next service needed will be longer than 14,000 miles, it will recommend that larger Service B type maintenance.

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