Save Money and Keep Your Catalytic Converter Environmental Friendly

Save Money and Keep Your Catalytic Converter Environmental Friendly

SPRINT MOTORSPORTS Auto Repair: Save Money and Keep Your Catalytic Converter Environmental Friendly

A properly running gasoline powered car will save you money by keeping your catalytic converter environmental friendly and  prolong its useful life by many years. Catalytic Converters are expensive to replace because they use expensive and rare heavy metals such as platinum, palladium, and rhodium in a honeycomb like core to scrub your car’s exhaust. It converts your car’s harmful engine exhaust gases by complex chemical reactions into the harmless byproducts of carbon dioxide and water. Catalytic Converters are only capable of eliminating about 90% of the harmful exhaust gases produced by a properly running and healthy gasoline engine. OEM Catalytic converters can cost up to several thousand dollars each. Less costly aftermarket ones are available for some cars on the market but they only last a couple years. On the other hand, the OEM Catalytic Converters can last up to 10 years on a well maintained engine. In the long run, constantly having to spending money on cheap catalytic converters every couple of years will be more expensive than replacing them with a long lasting original unit from the vehicle manufacturer.


These are the top catalytic converter killers:


  • Engine Misfires caused by bad ignition components  (Spark Plugs, Ignition wires, Igniton coils, Ignition Cap and Rotor).
  • Leaking Injectors can deliver unwanted gas
  • Having worn piston rings or valves can lead to oil contaminating and clogging up catalytic convertor. Causing overheating and have a lack of power issues. Look for blue smoke out the tail pipe for sign of this.
  • Coolant leaks into the combustion chamber will clog the catalyst when it enters the exhaust and can cause overheating and lack of power issues.
  • Having a loose exhaust system or broken exhaust hangers can damage the catalytic converter core.
  • Bad oxygen sensors can cause a lean fuel mixture in the engine that will make extra hot exhaust and  overheat the core of your catalytic converter.
  • A leak in the exhaust system before the oxygen sensor and catalyst will have cause the same effect of a lean fuel mixture.
  • A faulty EGR valve can also create overheated exhaust and damage to the cat.
  • Silicone or Teflon sealants used improperly by mechanics to seal exhaust flanges will coat oxygen sensors when burned and cause a lean fuel mixture.
  • An Overheating engine is never good. Besides blowing a head gasket or worse, it can induce misfires that melt the ceramic substrate in the catalytic converter.

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