Water Pump Replacement Service and Repair

Water Pump Replacement Service and Repair

Water Pump Replacement Service and Repair

What is a Water Pump and what does it do?

A water pump may also be referred to as a coolant pump. The Water pump is a major part of the cooling system of your car’s engine. It prevents overheating of the engine. Its job is to circulate or pump coolant (antifreeze) between engine, where it absorbs heat, and the radiator, where the heat is removed. The water pump is a housing made of metal (aluminum or steel) or plastic and houses an impeller (which looks like a fan) to pump the coolant. For the water pump to work, it needs to turn. It may be driven by an accessory belt (serpentine belt), timing belt, or by an electric motor that may be computer controlled. Severe overheating and costly damage to the engine can occur if the water pump fails.

What are Common Symptoms Indicate that you may need to replace the Water Pump?

  • Coolant Leaking (Depending on the car, it can be red, orange, green, pink, purple or blue)
  • Car is overheating. Water Temperature Gauge is higher than normal. Warning indicators in dash.
  • Low Coolant Light
  • Steam from engine compartment.
  • You are smelling an odd sweet like smell


How Important is the Water Pump Service and Repair?

If you have coolant leaking or suspect a water pump may be failing, it is best to stop driving the car and have it immediately towed to a repair shop. Coolant is circulated through engine to absorb heat and then sent to the radiator where it is cooled by a fan. Modern engines are very sensitive to overheating. Poor circulation of coolant can result in expensive repairs such as blown head gaskets, cracked cylinder heads, or complete engine seizure.


General Repair or Service Procedure (NATEF):

  • Pressure Test and inspect cooling system for leaks.
  • Remove and replace water pump if failed
  • Replace Thermostat
  • Fill with new coolant and bleed system
  • Install new Reservoir or Radiator Cap
  • Clear related engine codes
  • Test Drive car and review engine data
  • 2nd test drive and Check for proper temperature response


Additional parts and labor that may be needed:

Depending on the engine design additional parts and labor may be required

  • Water pumps driven by timing belts will require timing belt, belt tensioner, and idler pulley replacement.
  • Drive belts may need replacement.
  • Replacement of thermostat is always recommended with Water Pump Repair.
  • New Coolant (water) hoses may be needed
  • Vehicles with electric or computer controlled coolant pumps will need to have initialization and adaptation reset

Preventative Maintenance Recommendations:

Have your coolant system flushed with new coolant every 4 years or 40,000 miles. This will insure proper ph balance of the coolant and prevent internal corrosion of components and extend their life.


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