Oil Change: Reasons for getting an Oil Service

Oil Change: Reasons for getting an Oil Service

The importance of an Oil Change

Keep it moving.

Your engine is intricately composed of many moving parts, and their smooth movement is made possible by proper oil lubrication. Over time, oil breaks down and becomes a thick sludge. Without fresh oil lubrication, all of the moving engine components rub against one another and become hot and sticky, leading to damage of various engine components and even engine failure.

Keep it cool.

Fresh oil is essential in keeping an engine at it’s healthiest temperature level. The less oil present to create smooth movement between engine components, the more damaging friction and heat are created. Being a significant contributor to engine homeostasis, fresh oil is a constant flow of cooling temperature regulator all throughout the engine

Dirt is deadly.

As oil become broken down, it picks up unwanted dirt, dust, and debris from the environment. These unwanted particles begin to build up as the oil decomposes, and your engine is left with numerous sections of crusty gunk where critical component movement takes place. Dirt build up is incredibly detrimental to quality engine performance and causes expensive, premature component damage.

More miles per gallon.

Cool, well lubricated engine components move much more freely and easily than sludge coated parts that grind together; meaning your engine works less hard to keep its parts moving at speed when freshly lubricated. Less work means less gas necessary to carry out that work! You’ll save money on gas and your car won’t have to work as hard for every mile it carries you.

Long live your motor.

Oil is the lifeblood of your engine! Without good, clean, fresh oil your engine constantly works harder than it’s meant to and quickly becomes worn down. Heat sensitive components become damaged and total engine failure commonly occurs. Regular oil changes that adhere exactly to the standards set by your vehicle manufacturer prevent you from unnecessarily having to pay for costly engine parts and repairs, and ensure your motor will live the longest life possible.


Synthetic Oil or Conventional Oil?


What is conventional oil?

Conventional motor oil is oil derived directly from crude oil. It’s oil that has been extracted from the ground and is still in its original chemical form.

What is synthetic oil?

Synthetic motor oil begins its life as conventional oil, and is then chemically modified for more effective protective and lubricating capabilities.

Benefits of using synthetic oil include:

Fewer sludge deposits

As discussed earlier, when conventional oil breaks down, dirt deposits begin to form and bake on to different engine components. Synthetic oil contains less impurities and is less disposed towards forming sludge deposits.

Better flow at low temperatures

Synthetic oils maintain proper thickness in low temperature environments and after sitting for extended periods of time. At 4 am in the snow, or upon the first startup after a few months, synthetic oil immediately begins to lubricate and protect the engine. Conventional oils require time to acclimate before being able to do the same, exposing your engine to more instances of unprotected usage and increasing the engine’s susceptibility to being damaged.

Stronger protection at high temperatures

During high performance driving or when driving in high temperature environments, your engine becomes extremely hot. Conventional oil breaks down and evaporates easily when exposed to high temperatures, literally baking itself onto engine components. Synthetic oil has engineered heat resistance properties that prevent this from happening, allowing it to maintain its intended thickness and fluidity when under high temperatures and pressures. Synthetic oil is crucial for all track or street performance based driving.

Less oil consumption

Conventional oils are used at around a 35% greater rate than synthetic oils. By using synthetic oil, you won’t have to frequently top off your oil and can ensure that you always have enough oil in your motor.

Better fuel economy

The base oils used in conventional oils contain molecules of different sizes and weights as well as unwanted materials, like wax and crude particles. The circulation of unwanted materials typically requires more energy than the simplified molecular composition of synthetic oils, reducing fuel economy.


Sprint Motorsports offers top quality synthetic oil for your performance vehicle.


We ensure your oil is changed precisely to the required weight and grade standards set by your vehicle manufacturer. We carry Mobil 1, Lubro Moly, Liqui Moly, Motul, Redline, and SWEPCO brands of synthetic oil, ready for you as soon as necessary. For maximum motor performance, protection, and longevity we recommend you get an oil service every 5,000 to 7,500 miles on modern cars. Contact us for more information on your vehicle’s regular maintenance needs!


Why you can trust Sprint Motorsports of San Jose?


The automotive specialists at Sprint Motorsports in San Jose have performed synthetic oil and filter changes on high performance vehicles for decades. Our ASE Certified Master auto repair technicians are experts that know what signs to look for regarding your oil level and condition of your filter and will ensure that any issues or potential issues in the motor are discovered and addressed early on, saving you time and money down the road. We actually take the time to cut your old oil filter open and look for unusual contaminants. Ask your current shop if they go that extra mile as part of their routine.

While some auto mechanics may look for ways to avoid performing the services your vehicle needs or give you misinformation, you can trust Sprint Motorsports to make sure that your vehicle is kept in perfect condition while offering truthful and upfront customer service that truly puts your best interests first.


Quality and Competent BMW, Audi, and Porsche Service in the San Jose Area


We have the know-how to keep your vehicle top-notch condition. At Sprint Motorsports we provide the best quality OEM parts from manufacturers.  We have expert trained staff that undergo constant training and education to stay up to date with the latest industry technology. We have dealership level equipment. Give us a call!

To schedule an appointment for an Oil Service on your vehicle, please contact service@sprint-motorsports.com or 408-831-3730. We welcome you to stop by our shop at 2099 S 10th St  Unit 40 in San Jose, Ca. If you have any questions about your auto’s performance or car maintenance, feel free to ask our friendly staff for assistance.