A True Alternative to the Dealership for Mini Cooper Auto Service

BMW brought the Mini Cooper back to the market with great success and the car has developed a dedicated following. You will find that our technicians and service staff  are competent and extremely knowledgeable. Our goal is to be a solid alternative to the Mini dealership that you can depend on for trusted auto repair and maintenance services.  As soon as the new generations of Mini were released by BMW, we made sure that our staff was able to attend the latest factory training seminars and had the most current software available to communicate with the computer and network systems of the car. This also required us to invest in special tooling required to conduct repairs efficiently and reliably on the Mini. You will also find that we can perform a lot of complicated repair work on your Mini that the dealership will not do, such as transmission repairs and certain engine repairs.

The first generation includes the R52, R53, models and the performance minded supercharged S and John Cooper Works Versions. Newer models, such as the Clubman Countryman and R55, R56 – R59 models use Conditional Based Service ( CBS ) service monitors. Our experience has shown that the oil changes need to be more frequently than the CBS system indicates to prevent excessive sludge and internal engine wear, especially for extending the life of the superchargers and turbochargers. Based on our experience and the common maintenance issues we have seen on the Mini, we recommend changing the engine oil and Filter every 5000 miles, instead of the 10,000 mile intervals that recommended by the CBS auto service system. More frequent oil change services and inspections can help prevent you from having to spend money on costly timing chain guide  and variable valve timing system repairs.

We encourage you to give us a try and be your trusted and reliable auto mechanic for your Mini Cooper Repair and Maintenance.

Join our Maintenance & Referral Program and save money!  We encourage our customers to join our maintenance and referral program and enjoy special savings. Most of our customers find us through referrals, which should say a lot about the quality of our auto rep[air services and expertise.

R53 Mini Cooper S with Performance Upgrades

MINI Repair Services

  • Timing Chain and Timing Chain Guides
  • Complete Repair Shop using OEM & Factory Components and Equipment
  • Brakes, Water Pump, Radiator and Cooling System Repair
  • Bushing Replacement; Front Control Arm Bushings ( FCAB ) stock and performance upgrades.
  • Clutch and Transmission Service and Repair, Short Shifter
  • Computer Programming, Chip Tuning, Control Module Coding, Diagnostics
  • Diagnostics, Engine Management, Anti-Lock Braking, Airbag Systems, Drive Train & more, Ignition, Tune-Up, Spark Plugs
  • Engine Rebuilding and Repair, Head Gasket, and Oil Pan Baffle
  • Four Wheel Precision Alignments, Suspension Tuning, Track Setup, Race Preparations
  • Sprintex Supercharger, Internal Mahle Piston and Carillo Rod upgrades, Camshaft and Cylinder Head Performance modifications.

Mechanical Repair

Automotive Engine Repair or Replacement

Oil Change and Tune Up

Diesel Service and Repair

Clutch Repairs & Replacement

Steering and Suspension Service

Power Steering

Exhaust System

Transmission Service, Repair or Replacement

Cooling System Service (Water Pumps, Radiators, etc.)

Air Intake Cleaning & Filter Changing

No-Start Diagnostics / Drivability Diagnostics

Differential & Transfer Case (4WD) Service

Belt, Hoses and Wiper Blade Replacement

Timing Belt or Chain Replacement

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Electrical, Wiring and Electronics

Battery Replacement and Service

Anti-Lock Brake Service & Diagnostics

Computer Diagnostics (Check Engine Light, Air Bag Light, etc.)

Electrical and/or Wiring Problems

Interior / Exterior Lighting Replacement

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– MINI Cooper Performance –

The Mini Cooper has a lot of performance potential. With a moderate amount of performance upgrades, the car can be turned into an exciting car with handling and pep that can make it feel like a ‘go kart’ on steroids. Sprint Motorsports has partnered with aftermarket performance product companies such as NM Engineering, Dinan, Powerflex, Sprintex, Stop-Tech, and Bilstein to give you unparalleled upgrades that unleash the Mini Cooper’s abilities.