Sprint Motorsports Service Policies

General Service Policies and Procedures

Our Labor Rates are fair and justified based on the level of quality of service we offer in comparison to what others offer.


Our repair rates vary upon the level of difficultly involved, the skill level of the technician that must be assigned to the task, the scope and extensiveness of work involved for the repair, amount of time that the vehicle will occupy a lift, and special tooling required to competently insure a proper repair.

Absolute minimum labor charge is .5 hour.


Fluid flushes, Automatic Transmission Services, and parts replacement other than filters are charged separately from any major inspection service such as Inspection I and II; Service A and B; 30K, 60K, 90k maintenance intervals and etcetera.

Diagnosis Charges

We continually strive at being the best technicians and local car repair shop in the industry. Many of you have found that we have solved issues that others could not remedy. We carefully pay attention to the time it takes to solve complex issues. Often, the old standard labor charge of 1 hour per diagnostic issues is often not enough time to diagnose issues due to the complexity of modern European vehicles. We have adjusted our initial charges to reflect this issue in all fairness. The initial charges start as follows:


Diagnostic OBD II code read (just to read “P” codes) = $30.


Diagnostic Code Read to include manufacturer specific data using factory OEM equipment = $95.

Mechanical diagnosis pre-2000 model year cars = 1 hour and each added request is usually .6 hours.

Mechanical diagnosis post 2000 model year cars = charges start at 1.3 hour, each additional request is usually .7 hour thereafter.


Electronic, computer system diagnosis pre-2000 model year cars = charges start at 1 hour, each additional request is usually .7 hour there after.


Electronic, computer system diagnosis post 2000 model year cars = charges start at 1.5 hour, each additional request is usually 1 hour there after.

Service Courtesies

Every vehicle receives the following courtesy checks and services:

  • General overall visual check of vehicle for apparent and possible issues.
  • Top all fluids.
  • Clean windows.
  • Check/set tire pressures.
  • Wipe off wheels.

Policies, Estimates, Warranties and Repair Terms

Owners’ Closing Notes…

Our staff take great pride and passion in our work. Our reward is knowing that all your concerns and expectations have been completed beyond your satisfaction. Our hearts are truly in what we do. We believe in keeping an open mind. No day is complete unless something new is learned and sometimes our own customers can be the best educators.

If you ever have a question or concern, please feel free to contact us.