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KW Suspension Systems

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Why do I need proper suspension? (For people entirely new to mechanics)

To be blunt, your car is nothing without good suspension. Your suspension setup is largely responsible for keeping the car under control during all movement- horizontal and vertical. If your car feels like a boat rolling lazily about an adjacent wave on turn in, you need to upgrade your suspension. If you run over a pot hole and  experience physical and emotional pain as you belligerently plummet into an unforgiving pit that now seems about five times deeper than it actually is- all due to your car’s inability to properly absorb the changing tundra- you need to upgrade your suspension. If you want to drive fast without fighting the loosey-goosey nature of your car every step of the way, you need to upgrade your suspension.

Sprint Motorsports is your place for KW Suspension Products and Installation.

A poor suspension setup produces an effect similar to sprinting in flip-flops. You’re limited to how well the flip-flop can connect to your feet as it lags at the ground and falls out of rhythm with your step; when your car rides over bumps and dips without good suspension keeping everything properly stiff, the body falls slightly out of rhythm with the wheels and chassis, making for extremely awkward rebounds and that bouncy boat feeling. You want running shoes that offer good comfort and support to protect your joints from wearing out and/or becoming injured- same concept applies to the “joints” of your ride. Flip flops are spongy and slippery, and don’t maximize the amount of friction between you and the ground- just like crummy suspension.

Perks of proper suspension, in a nutshell:

  • Consistent handling and braking
  • Keep the tires connected to the road
  • Control spring and suspension movement
  • Control vehicle bounce, roll, sway, drive, and acceleration squat
  • Maintain wheel alignment
  • Even and balanced tire and brake wear
  • Prevention of premature tire and brake wear
  • Reduce wear on other mechanical and structural components

Flip flops are awful for running, and blown stock suspension is awful for driving.


Why KW Suspension Systems?


KW is one of the most renowned, successful suspension brands both on the street and across the motor sport board- offering the largest variety of products on the market. Their suspension products are fine tuned using the 7-post drive hydraulic race track simulations, the same state of the art technology used in the Formula 1 research and development process, as well as extensive driving tests on country roads, highways and the Nürburgring Nordschleife.  They’ve created the suspension that comes standard in the Mercedes-AMG – SLK 55, CLK 63 and SL 65 AMG Black Series,  the 2007 Viper SRT10 ACR, and the Ford Mustangs by Roush.  KW is a long experienced suspension manufacturer and supplier for international motorsports teams, such as the ADAC GT Masters touring car series, FIA GT1, FIA GT3, International GT Open, WTCC, VLN, the legendary ADAC Zurich 24h Nürburgring race, as well as IMSA American LeMans Series (now United Sports Car Championship), SCCA Pro Racing and Pirelli World Challenge in North America.

“We (KW Suspension) are the market leader and innovator of individual suspension solutions for road and racetracks for more than 15 years. Car drivers, automotive manufacturers , and tuners all around the world rely on our KW coilovers “Made in Germany”. Each KW coilover kit, developed and manufactured in the Swabian town Fichtenberg, is subject to extensive stress tests during production to meet the high standards of our KW quality management. As a German manufacturer we give a 2-year warranty on our more than 4600 applications suspension solutions, which exceed OEM quality. The warranty increases up to 5 years when the kit has been installed at one of our KW specialist dealers.

  • Optimally pre-adjusted
  • Sporty and comfortable dampening technology
  • Stainless steel technology “inox-line”
  • Individually height adjustable
  • TÜV-tested adjustment range
  • Ready to install complete solution
  • High quality components for a long durability
  • Complete documentation for easy handling”


Sprint Motorsports is the Bay Area’s certified retailer and installer of KW Suspension Systems


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KW Variant 1 “inox-line”

KW variante 1 inox-line

The entry model coilover kit for increased attractiveness and driving pleasure. The KW Variant 1 “inox-line” coilover satisfies the sporty driver with its harmonic basic setup.

  • stainless steel, corrosion resistant springs and bump stops
  •  achieve maximum lowering in the TÜV-tested adjustment range (30 to 70mm or 50 to 90mm depending on your vehicle)
  • dirt resistant trapezoid thread and composite collar allow for adjustment after years of use
  • one piece composite height adjuster
  • rear height adjuster for a car with a separate rear spring and shock absorber


KW Variant 2 “inox-line”


KW Variante 2 inox-line

For drivers who want more than just an outstanding look and lowering within the TÜV-tested adjustment range. The difference between the V1 and V2 coilovers is the adjustability. Adjustablility on KW Variant 2 coilovers allow you to have more control over the handling and comfort of the car. With 16 precise clicks you can adjust the KW dampeners independent from the compression damping.

Additionally, the rebound valves on KW twin-tube dampers have to be adjusted at the end of the piston rod. Adjustment takes place at an integrated adjustment wheel or the twist-adjuster included with the coilover kit. By increasing the rebound force, the body movements are reduced, and the pitch and roll behavior of the vehicle are more harmoniously integrated for more stability at increased corner speed.


 KW Variant 3 “inox-line”


The KW V3 coilovers offer a sporty yet refined setup that allows you to adjust the compression & rebound damping independently of each other, creating the perfect suspension setup for maximum driving pleasure.

The adjustable KW bottom valve changes the low-speed range of the compression level in twelve clicks, without any additional adjustment tools; meaning you can manually influence the body roll without changing the spring rate (corresponding with the rebound).  The KW twin-tube dampers on the upper end of the piston rod are where the sixteen click rebound valve adjustment takes place, via an adjustment wheel or a twist-adjustment wheel included in the kit. With each additional modification to your car, you can make minimal yet essential adjustments to the suspension to compliment the new mod, or new wheel/tire size.

Image result for KW v3

For years, the KW Variant 3 “inox-line” coilover kit has been one of the top aftermarket products- a true benchmark for coilovers. Because of its damping characteristics, quality finish, and durabilityIt’s the choice of sports car drivers, tuners, large-and small series manufacturers such as Alpina, MTM, Manthey, Oettinger and many more international industry leading companies.


KW Variant 4 “inox line”


KW Gewindefahrwerk Variante 4 für Supersportwagen

KW has combined leading racing technology with outstanding improvement in everyday practicality for top-class super sports cars, sports cars and performance sedans such as the Audi R8 (42), Audi RS6 (C7), BMW M5 (F10), Lamborghini Aventador LP 750-4 SV, Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat and more. The kit is manufactured depending on the vehicle-specific requirements with versions tailored for McPherson suspension struts, spring struts for double cross-link or multi-link axles, and push-rod wheel suspensions made of aluminum or stainless steel.The KW Variant 4 “inox-line” allows independent adjustment of the rebound damping as well as the six click low-speed and fourteen click high-speed compression damping. KW provides the Variant 4 with a vehicle-specific comfort setting and the adjustable dampers can be set quickly and intuitively with the integrated adjustment wheel at the damper.

The 3-way high-performance dampers can be adjusted independently of the rebound, also in the low-speed and high-speed compression damping, separately at the reservoir with six clicks in low-speed compression and 14 clicks in high-speed compression damping.


KW Variant 4 for super sports cars


KW DDC ECU Coilovers

KW has come out with an entirely new age set of coilovers in their iSuspension line. You can literally adjust your suspension using an app from your smartphone. We think this is astoundingly convenient…I mean you don’t even have to lift the hood. Lowering can be done via the composite spring collar on the shock body or on the height adjustable rear perch in the rear of the vehicle. A 5 year warranty is provided when the kit is installed at one of KW’s specialist dealers. Currently, KW DDC ECU coilovers with App-control are available for Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Volkswagen, and Range Rover Evoque.

DDC ECU Coilovers feature:

  • retrofit electronic damper adjustment, combined with the advantages of a KW coilover kit
  • optional App-control
  • three damping setups: Comfort / Sport / Sport+
  • operation by retrofit button or optional App
  • create personalized setups with the KW DDC App


KW DDC button – 1x button, 3x more experience

The contents of delivery of the KW DDC ECU coilover kit includes: a “KW DDC multi-selection button”. This button allows the user to select between the different KW DDC driving modes “Comfort”, “Sport”, and “Sport+” directly from the cockpit. The KW DDC button will change color depending on the KW DDC App.

W-LAN Module & App Control

The KW DDC W-LAN module is an available option for our KW DDC ECU coilovers. The module allows use of the KW App to control suspension dampening with your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. Through the app you can create highly tuned suspension setups through a fine adjustment of (+/-1%) or in single steps of (+/-10%), independent front to rear. You can store up to 5 custom settings and email them to your friends!


 KW DLC Lowering Module

The electronic lowering module is compatible with various OEM manufacturer’s air suspension systems, including Audi’s “adaptive air suspension”, Mercedes-Benz AIRMATIC or, Mercedes-Benz ABC. All factory features remain fully functional, and you now have the ability to lower your car by 1 millimeter increments, store different ride height settings for highway driving, bad road conditions, or when your car is loaded with additional weight. You can control your suspension kit via your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.


KW Hydraulic Lift-System


The speedbump is the natural enemy of lowered cars. Rail road crossings, garage exits, park lot entrances are a death sentence for your sleek front splitter and sporty undercarriage.


Depending on the version of the HLS lift system your vehicle can be hydraulically lifted either at the front axle or on both axles by up to 45 mm.

This system prevents damage to your aerodynamic components, underbody, and even oil sump. The lift system is available as a vehicle-specific solution either with or without a KW coilover kit, depending on the type of car and model. KW engineers have also developed a universal lift system for cars not found in the KW HLS product range.

KW offers two hydraulic lift options. The lift kit “HLS 2” is only installed on the front axle. “HLS 4” is installed in both the front and rear and allows you to lift the entire vehicle. A hydraulic cylinder is installed between the spring plate and springs of each strut. Driving dynamics are entirely unaffected by the hydraulic system.

All HLS lift conversion systems include a control unit, which is connected to the vehicles on-board electronics. At a certain speed, the vehicle will automatically lower to the original level of ride height.

  • Available as complete solution including KW coilovers
    or as a conversion kit
  • Can be activated from inside the vehicle via an LED control button or by an optional remote control
  • Can be activated while driving (up to 80 km/h or 49.7 mi/h)
  • Fast lifting within 4-5 seconds (HLS 2)
  • Absolutely corrosion restistant (coated cylinder components made of aluminum)


KW Suspension Height Adjustable Spring Kit


If you’re looking to lower your ride and you’re not looking to pay for the full adjustability, performance benefits, and longevity that coilovers provide, lowering springs might be your go to.

KW height adjustable spring kit gives your car a dynamic look while improving steering behavior and making the response of the standard dampers more agile. Spring kits are developed vehicle specific, so all driver assistance systems and comfort features of an adaptive series suspension remain operative.


Different from conventional springs, the KW HAS kit allows you to adjust the ride height once the springs have been installed. You can change the compression within the adjustment range with the threaded spring perch, which is extremely convenient when changing your wheel/tire combination.

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